What to look for in a Patent Litigation Attorney

August 13th, 2009

Finding a patent attorney who is also a gifted trial lawyer is rare.  Finding an intellectual property litigator with the right mix of courtroom skills and technical expertise without attached large firm rates is near impossible.

Generally, there are two schools of thought on hiring a patent litigation attorney: (1) retain a litigator who is good before a jury but is not a patent attorney, or (2) retain a patent attorney who understands the nuances of patent law but lacks trial experience.  The problem with hiring a generalist is that patent law is tricky and is a specialty.  The generalist often will miss issues and/or not grasp the technology at hand.  The problem with hiring a patent attorney is that patent attorneys are often not able to effectively communicate complex technology in understandable terms to a judge and jury.  The patent practitioner often can get stuck in the weeds and fail to adequately explain the trees, let alone the forest.

But why chose when you can have both?  At Traverse Legal, we have the technical expertise to back up our trial skills to successfully litigate complex patent cases.  We look forward to effectively teaching and translating complicated technologies and issues to lay judges and juries in courtrooms throughout the country.  Unlike many large firms, we are not strapped by high associate salaries and do not overstaff litigation teams.  We provide personalized service – with us, you retain lawyers who are accessible and care about client service.  We utilize flat fee / project billing where possible, with clearly defined expectations and deliverables, so that you are not left wondering what hourly billing rate based fees will accumulate for a particular project, or reluctant to communicate with us for fear of increasing your bill.  We strive to have a client’s business interests drive litigation, rather than allowing a legal dispute to dictate core business.

We are experts at preparing technology tutorials and Markman hearing presentations, as well as designing persuasive, instructive and understandable visual aids to assist us in communicating merits throughout a patent case.  We seek to simplify complex technologies and legal issues to make them understandable to lay people.  Our attorneys are experienced in litigating a broad range of technologies, including:

•    Computer software, hardware and peripherals
•    Internet
•    Networking
•    Wireless
•    DSP (audio, video and speech signal compression)
•    Encryption
•    Semiconductors
•    Circuits
•    Business methods
•    Medical devices
•    Mechanical Engineering technologies
•    Chemical technologies

We represent United States and overseas clients as plaintiffs and defendants in courtrooms throughout the United States.  We creatively explore means within the courts, as well as business solutions to legal disputes, to obtain favorable early case resolution.  Whether your mission is pursuing a strategic licensing initiative, defending against accusations of infringement, or litigating a claim to verdict, we stand ready to assist you in achieving desired results.Contact us today for a free consultation at 866.936.7447.

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